Challenge Choices: Will Kam Regret Voting Natalie Into Armageddon?

The two became friends on Vendettas -- but things may be different now

Friendly fire’s the name of the game on Final Reckoning, and Kam and Natalie both proved they’re well-equipped.

On tonight’s Challenge episode, Natalie recounted to Kam — Kayleigh’s partner — how Kayleigh sought to hurt Natalie by (incorrectly) outing her as a lesbian (Natalie is pansexual). Natalie said she was devastated after Kayleigh exposed her on Instagram, noting that she hadn’t even told her family about her sexuality.

Still, Natalie felt allegiance to Kam, her friend.

“My sexuality was outed incorrectly, number one. I’ve been getting gay-shamed every day — it’s f----- up!” Natalie said. “But the Kayleigh situation is actually difficult, because I really like Kam. Partnering up with Kayleigh, my biggest vendetta, isn’t [her] fault, [and] I’m not gonna really target Kam because of Kayleigh. I feel like our friendship kind of outweighs that.”

And Kam seemed to echo the sentiment.

“Kayleigh and Natalie -- they do not like each other at all, but I’m not really thinking it’s gonna affect my game. I have a pretty good relationship with Natalie,” Kam said.

But when push came to shove, Kam proved that the unspoken alliance wasn’t an ironclad one.

As part of the 32nd Challenge season, host TJ Lavin announced that — to avoid things like burn votes or bandwagon sentencings — teams would vote for elimination round nominees in secret. And so, they did.

What TJ didn’t tell players, though, was that voters would be exposed once they stepped foot into Armageddon.

Yup, after Natalie and Paulie were shocked to discover they’d received the most votes and would have to compete in the next elimination round, an even bigger surprise came to light — Kam was one of the players who’d voted Natalie in.

And suddenly, Natalie saw an opportunity.

“How amazing would it be to get Kayleigh out of this house?” she said. “For me, it would be a game-changer.”

Sadly, though, things didn’t work out for Natalie and Paulie, and after they pulled Kam and Kayleigh into Armageddon with them, they learned they’d made a mistake. In “Think Outside the Box,” teams had to assemble a life-size puzzle — one teammate would collect pieces, while another would construct a specific shape inside an enclosed space. The first team to complete their structure would win, and it proved to be Kayleigh’s lucky day, because Kam extended her elimination-round record to 4-0.

But there’s still a chance for Natalie and Paulie to return, and if they do, they’re coming for blood.

“As far as I’m concerned, anyone who had a hand in putting us in is a Vendetta,” Paulie warned.

What do you think — did Kam make a big mistake by voting Natalie and Paulie into Armageddon, and will the “Big Brother” castoffs come back with a vengeance? Or was Kam right to throw ‘em under the bus, and will her game be easier now that they’re gone? Share your thoughts, and be sure to see what happens when The Challenge returns Tuesday!