Could Final Reckoning Newbies Faith And Angela Be a Real-Deal Threat?

The ‘Ex on the Beach’ partners had a strong showing during this week's 'Challenge'

One of the newest additions to The Challenge universe — Faith and Angela of Ex on the Beach — outdid a majority of their veteran peers on tonight’s Final Reckoning episode. But can they keep their place at the top of the pack, especially since — to put it bluntly — they still hate each other?

At the most recent mission — the first since Jenna, Jemmye, Britni, Chuck, Jozea and Da’Vonne were unceremoniously booted from the game — teams had to each collect a series of rings that were suspended in the middle of a raised, circular platform. “Wreck Yourself” challenged one player to push the second player, who’d collect the rings, into the chaos, and the team that collected the most rings after a fixed period of time would win.

And while Brad and Kyle handily captured first place by nabbing 11 rings (Bananas and Tony tied the score, but moved more slowly and had to settle for second place), it was the team of rookie wonders who got the next-highest score with nine.

Even host TJ Lavin was shocked by the Faith’s and Angela’s performances and gave them his nod of approval during the postgame huddle.

“[Kyle and Brad] had some real competition,” he noted. “Shout-out to the new chicks on the block, Faith and Angela.”

Still, to Faith, the success came as no surprise.

“The whole cast thinks we’re cute girls and we can’t do anything,” she said. “They’re forgetting the fact that your girl here is an army veteran.”

That being said, there’s no clear path for Faith and Angela to the finale. First, they’re rookies, which means at one point, they’ll likely be tossed into elimination for the sake of tradition and a generally unspoken veteran alliance. And then, there’s the fact that Faith has been hooking up with Kyle, which is not sitting well with Kyle’s ex Cara Maria.

“I feel like Cara might have a little bit of something for me, because I’m being a little cute with her man, or whatever,” Faith said.

What do you think — do Faith and Angela have what it takes to go the distance? Or was their showing at the most recent challenge a fluke, and are there too many obstacles to overcome? Share your thoughts, and see how the ladies proceed when The Challenge returns Tuesday at 9/8c!