'I’m Here For You': Is Teen Mom 2's Javi Just Toying With Briana's Heart?

He flew down to Miami to ask her for another chance -- and then some

On tonight’s episode of Teen Mom 2, Javi showed up unexpectedly in Miami to take care of Briana after her surgery just like they had planned -- even though they had broken up. But we quickly learned there was way more to his trip than that.

When Javi arrived in the Sunshine State, Briana did not want to talk to her ex, partly because she was still angry he blabbed about their split on his ex-wife Kailyn’s podcast.

Though the mom of two was holding that grudge, she finally agreed to talk to Javi, who admitted he “felt betrayed” that Bri’s ex-boyfriend Dre was going to be taking care of her and her friend Shirley post-op in his place.

Then he dropped the real zinger -- he had been seeing another girl who was willing to move to Delaware for him, after Briana had made it clear she was not ready to relocate so early into their relationship.

“You can leave,” Bri said before running into the other room to tell Shirley what transpired. “Did you hear that? He has some girl willing to move to Dover for him, so he can leave if he wants to. This whole time. You try to give me a ring?...He really is a piece of s**t.”

After things settled down (and Javi told Shirley his side of the story), Lincoln’s dad explained why he brought the other girl into the conversation.

“My point was if I wanted to fill that void [of a family] I can. But I’m not settling, and I’m here for you... I haven’t had the connection with someone the way me and you had it. So now, present time to future, what are we gonna do? How about I stay for your surgery, and we can talk after and figure this all out?”

Surprisingly, Briana agreed to that arrangement, but what’s going to happen next? And was Javi’s trip to Miami -- and the hopes he expressed for the couple's future -- sincere, or is he just stringing Bri along and toying with her heart? Vote in the poll, leave your thoughts in the comments and tune into Teen Mom 2 next Monday at 9/8c for more!