Disharmony: The Members Of MisterWives Are Fighting Each Other Tooth And Nail

Well, at least when it comes to ‘Celebrity Fear Factor’

Hey, at least they’re not doing a Fifth Harmony.

The members of MisterWives aren’t breaking up, but they are experiencing some disharmony – on this week’s Celebrity Fear Factor. And in a sneak peek of the episode, the group -- split into four teams -- is tasked with seeing who can save their precious smartphones from impending destruction the quickest (if at all).

What destruction? Well, each musician’s phone is placed on a moving conveyer belt, which has a wood chipper at the end. And that makes Will, for one, hella nervous.

”Damn it, I don’t know what I have on there that I didn’t back up,” says the bassist, who’s paired with vocalist Mandy. “What is the Cloud? How does that work?”

So what do they need to do to save their phones from destruction? And are they successful? Watch the clip to find out, then catch Celebrity Fear Factor Tuesday at 10/9c.