Will Challenge Standouts Jordan And Tori Quit Fear Factor?

The two-time champ says he's 'not doing it'

Jordan Wiseley and Tori Deal had a strong Dirty XXX showing: The Real World vet nabbed the gold medal, while the Are You the One? alum finished third in her rookie season. But the Challenge players (and real-life lovebirds) might not have the same luck on Fear Factor.

"I'm not doing it!" Jordan declares to Tori, as they are supposed to begin their FF mission called Shark Bait. Yes, this statement is coming from the guy who won two Challenge installments, climbing Mount Slogen in Norway and dealing with the brutal altitude in Argentina.

But what exactly is "it"? And is Tori on the same page as her partner? Check out the clip to find out and to see if the two can actually face their fears. And don't miss them -- as well as fellow MTV stars CT, Cara Maria, Romeo and Terrence J -- on the MTV Stars Battle edition of Fear Factor on Tuesday at 10/11c ( catch Tori before the installment on Final Reckoning at 9/8c)!