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Lili Reinhart Thinks Betty 'Deserves A Break' In Riverdale Season 3

Ask and you shall possibly receive

Riverdale's second season really aimed to test Betty Cooper's patience (and her good nature) by slamming her with one terrible situation after another. Being forced to bury Archie alive, fighting with her best friends, a temporary breakup with Jughead, Chic's disastrous appearance... the list goes on, and it all culminated in her own father, Hal, being unmasked as the Black Hood.

Now, as the crew enters production for Season 3, Lili Reinhart has a few suggestions for her girl-next-door character, and they all involve some levity.

Fortunately, the actress's "very collaborative" relationship with creator and showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa may help her dreams for Betty come true. "I feel like I've proven myself to the people I needed to prove myself to. I'm like, 'I know this girl. I really do,'" she told Harper's Bazaar.

One thing Reinhart knows Betty needs is her friends. After a socially isolated Season 2, she's "very much pushing" to get more scenes with her character's (and her real-life) best friends, Veronica (Camila Mendes) and Kevin (Casey Cott). All in all, it sounds like happier times are ahead for the small town's resident sleuth.

"In the season finale, when you saw Betty and Jughead in bed together, she's smiling when he says, 'Will you be my serpent queen?' [Aguirre-Sacasa] told me, 'When I watched that scene and I saw Betty smile, it made me want more of that,'" Reinhart said, adding, "I think the girl deserves a break."

That may be great news for Betty, but let's not forget that Season 2 ended with Archie (KJ Apa) being read his Miranda rights as a pair of handcuffs were slapped around his wrist, so it sounds like the bad fortune isn't entirely gone after all.