The Odd Couple: Will Kam And Kayleigh Last As Challenge Partners?

So far, the newest ‘Final Reckoning’ duo has potential

The newest Challenge pair is totally out of left field, but could they prove to be a home run? (SUMMER IS HIGH TIME FOR MIXING BASEBALL METAPHORS.)

On tonight’s Final Reckoning episode, and in the aftermath of Kailah’s vicious fight with Melissa, TJ informed the Real World: Go Big or Go Home alum and the Ex on the Beach export that they’d both been disqualified and had to go home.

But what about their partners — Kayleigh and Kam, respectively?

Since Kay and Kam had a bit of their own drama, TJ announced that they’d continue the team as partners, making for one of the most unforeseen pairings yet. And the ladies certainly had their misgivings about each other.

“It’s better than going home,” Kam said in an almost inquisitive tone. “But on Vendettas, the only thing that Kayleigh showed me is that she cracks under pressure. I don’t feel confident with that at all.”

And Kayleigh had similar doubts about their capacity to work together as a team.

“I just purposely stayed away from Kam on Vendettas because she scares me,” she said. “She has this straight resting bitch face. How is this gonna work?”

Welp, the ladies soon got a crash course in their capacity to work together. At the next mission — “Wreck Yourself” — players had to collect a series of rings that had been suspended in the middle of a raised circular platform. One player would be a designated pusher, while another would be a designated swinger/collector. And while Kyle and Brad ultimately won the top spot, having nabbed 11 rings, Kayleigh and Kam found themselves toward the top of the pack with seven.

So they’ve got the potential, but will Kayleigh and Kam endure as a team, surprise their fellow competitors and go the distance? Or is it only a matter of time before they’re sent to the Redemption House? Share your thoughts, and see how they continue Tuesday night at 9/8c!