Quick Exit: Is Candace Really Leaving MTV Floribama Shore?

After a night gone wrong, she started packing her bags

A celebratory night out quickly turned sour for our MTV Floribama Shore friends, and Kirk's arrest wasn't even the half of it. (Okay, maybe it was half.)

The other part responsible for a good night gone bad? An expletive-laced quarrel between Candace and Gus. Typically the voice of reason in the house, Candace wasn't having it after Kirk got booted from Tootsies for throwing crackers at the head of a heckler.

"I don't understand why Kirk is the only one being thrown out of the club," she said.

After the Memphis native confronted the police, calling their decision "bulls**t," Gus piped up, defending the cops. Kirk was indeed slinging Saltines, which could be considered battery in some cases if the victim of said cracker-tossing were to press charges.

Candace wasn't having that either. "We are roommates. You're supposed to have your roommate's back," she said of Gus, who was just trying to celebrate his 23rd birthday in peace (and a JeriGus airbrushed tank).

While Kirk actually sided with Gus, understanding that his actions (throwing crackers) have consequences (getting kicked out), Candace's attitude was still "on 10" when the gang got to Coyote Ugly. And all Gus wanted to do was enjoy his birthday party.

"Talk about a birthday," he said. "I have to deal with Kirk getting kicked out of the bar. I have Candace coming at me saying, 'F*ck you, b*tch.' It's my birthday -- I'm supposed to have the attention. At this point, this is just a birthday I wanna forget."

The crew left its second bar of the night when Kirk got in trouble with a different PCB bar troll, and after he apologized, Gus requested the same from Candace, who swiftly declined. "I don't owe nobody an apology," she told the birthday boy. "We all should stick together, but you stuck with the cops."

Back at the shore house, the police arrived to arrest Kirk, and Candace opted to start packing.

"You know what? It's time for me to leave," she declared.

Should Candace apologize to Gus, and more importantly -- could she be finished with Floribama once and for all? (Say it ain't so!) Sound off with your thoughts, and catch an all-new episode Monday at 10/9c.