Is Kirk Headed Downhill After His Floribama Shore Arrest?

One thing's for sure: That was a helluva night

Kirk got a major wake-up call on tonight's MTV Floribama Shore, during which the Atlanta native found himself in handcuffs following a chaotic night out with his roommates.

In what was supposed to be a fun-filled night for the 23rd birthdays of Jeremiah and Gus (complete with matching JeriGus shirts), Kirk wound up being booted from not one but two PCB bars. And this time, grilled chicken wasn't to blame for his upset. The catalyst(s)? Coming to his friends' defense.

The night started out tame enough, with the roommates toasting with shots at Tootsie's. When a fellow bar-goer taunted the girls, asking about "the hoes," Kirk stood up for his friends -- and that's when the Saltines hit the fan.

Following a bout of yelling, Kirk threw several packs of snack crackers at the sh*t talker, and after being warned, he accosted the guy with yet another pack of salty goodness.

After getting kicked out of bar numero uno, the party of eight moseyed on over to Coyote Ugly, and before they even got inside, things got, well, a little ugly. This time, it was Jeremiah who was being heckled. While the trolling didn't phase the Jacksonville native, Kirk -- who was already on edge -- was another story.

"This petty stuff doesn't really bother me. However, I got Kirk, who's a freakin' Chihuahua, and he's already so amped," said Jeremiah, who is more apt to watch a fight from the sidelines. "You walk past him, he'll start yapping."

All hell broke loose when Kirk physically slapped the offender, leading the roommates to call it a night (minus Aimee, Nilsa, Codi and Kortni, who headed into the bar, chi-chis and all).

Upon returning to the shore house, Kirk had a heart-to-heart with Candace (that's a story for another day), during which no less than three police cars arrived. And let's just say they weren't there to arrest Gus for improper use of a flannel shirt.

"Kirk -- the police are f**king here for you!" Gus told his dumbfounded roommate.

Moments later, the 26-year-old was cuffed and could be heard saying, "I really didn't punch anyone. I promise you, officer," as he was led into the back of a cop car.

Talk about a rocky start to his Floribama summer. Can Kirk recover during his time in Panama City, or is this the beginning of more issues to come? Sound off with your thoughts, and see what's next on Monday at 10/9c.