Did Lil Yachty Really Just Hump A Turkey?

Watch this sneak peek of ‘Fear Factor’ and judge for yourself

Thanksgiving is coming early for Little Yachty.

In a sneak peek of Celebrity Fear Factor’s first episode, the rapper/singer is tasked with getting his hands on a couple of turkeys, then transporting them from one cage to another. Sounds easy, right? It pretty much is -- especially when Yachty decides he can corral one of the birds by getting behind it and making a few interesting hip movements that scare it into the cage.

Host Ludacris’ take on the strategy: “Did you just hump the turkey?”

Well, not technically, but we see his point.

Next up: some slimy bullfrogs, which Yachty’s partner/bff from high school handles with aplomb. But does Lil Yachty do the same? Or does he freak out and literally whimper? (Not to give it away or anything). To see his hilarious reaction, watch the sneak peek, then catch the entire Fear Factor tomorrow at 10/9c!