Which Team Has The Toughest Road Ahead On Final Reckoning?

Each duo has its issues, but these five pairs are especially combustible

The path to Challenge greatness is paved with deceit, back-handedness and double-crossing -- but for a select few teams on the forthcoming Final Reckoning, the road will be especially difficult.

The 32nd Challenge season, which premieres tomorrow, will take a page from the Rivals handbook and divide up players into teams of two -- each a couple of mortal enemies. Yup, to make it to the final mission and earn some cash, competitors will have to make nice with the people who screwed ‘em over, stabbed ‘em in the back and left ‘em for dead. And we needn’t look further than the Rivals III finale for evidence of how terrible this can turn out.

While there are a few duos who have the potential to work out their differences — CT and Veronica seem to be able to joke about their contentious past in pre-season interviews, while Jenna and Jemmye are ostensibly on the same page — others seem much less likely to play nice. Check out the five Final Reckoning teams that are most likely to implode below, and tell us which you think has the tallest mountain to scale.

  • It speaks volumes that host TJ Lavin (who usually chides quitters) was sympathetic to Kayleigh upon withdrawing from Vendettas -- that is the degree to which Kailah bullied the Brit newbie. Kailah wound up tossing Kayleigh’s belongings over the cast house’s balcony when she thought Kayleigh had done Nelson wrong, and it’ll take a lot of finesse for her to convince Kayleigh she’s trustworthy.

  • While Nelson makes no bones about his gameplay — and is usually pretty transparent about his plans — Shane’s an admitted snake and has made a career out of backdoor deals. Naturally, the collision of these styles made for some serious fireworks on Invasion of the Champions, on which Nelson blew up at Shane for what he perceived as duplicitousness. It seemed like the guys had mended fences until the reunion, at which Nelson unloaded on Shane again. Both of them are strong players, but working together may prove to be especially difficult, especially off the field.

  • Cross the worst of Exes with the most painful parts of Rivals and you’ve got Derrick and Tori, two Are You The One? vets who entered Dirty Thirty in love, only to leave it scorned enemies. While Tori proved to be Rookie of the Year, Derrick was eliminated early, and Tori’s feelings of success and exhilaration as a solo contender ultimately propelled her into a regrettable affair with fellow Challenge standout Jordan. While Tori doesn’t regret leaving Derrick (she and Jordan are now happily together), she does regret hurting him in the process, and so far, it doesn’t seem like he’s ready to let bygones be bygones. We love Tori, but can ya blame him?

  • These Challenge newbies have yet to bring their drama to the series, but trust us when we say they’ll argue with the best of ‘em. The Ex on the Beach alums have completely different interpretations of what went down on the show — Angela claims that Faith stole her man, while Faith insists that the point of the show was to explore single life and that Angela didn’t have ownership over the ladies’ shared interest. You needn’t look further than their pre-show interview for proof that some serious fireworks are to come. Watch out, vets.

  • The rift between these two is simpler and more dangerous than any other in the game -- it’s based on the fact that they simply hate each other. Cara Maria thinks Marie is a talentless loudmouth, while Marie can’t stand what she sees as Cara’s entitlement and sanctimoniousness. In this case, David and Goliath will have to join forces to survive, but if they can successfully pair Marie’s passionate politicking with Cara’s raw and boundless athleticism, they might actually fare well. Still, for them, especially, that’ll be much easier said than done.

What do you think — among these five groups, which has the most damage to overcome, and who do you see having the most trouble mending fences? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to the Final Reckoning premiere tomorrow at 9/8c!