Watch Paramore Try To Outrun Giant Fruit In Their Wild New Video

They're 'caught in the middle' of the craziest fruit-filled world

It's been over a year since Paramore released their celebrated fifth album, After Laughter, and they're not done with it yet. That's great news for fans of the band's kooky music videos — after Hayley Williams starred as a disaffected news anchor in "Rose-Colored Boy" earlier this year, they're back with another wonderfully weird visual.

On Tuesday (June 26), Paramore debuted "Caught in the Middle," which looks like something you would've seen 30 years ago on MTV. It was directed by Computer Team — who have worked with the band on their other After Laughter videos — and features the trio navigating various surreal scenes, playing animated instruments, and hilariously trying to evade giant oranges, apples, and pears. Think of it as a retro fruitopia, soundtracked by Paramore's colorful, angsty pop.

And in the end? They were refrigerator magnets the entire time!

In other exciting Paramore news, the band just announced plans for the first Paramore Art + Friends festival, which is coming to the band's Nashville hometown in September. In a press release, Williams wrote, "We are pretty close to wrapping up our touring cycle for After Laughter and heading home. Instead of a throwing a homecoming party for ourselves, why don’t we throw a party for the whole city?" Check out more deets about the fest here.