Is Nilsa's Floribama Friendship With Kortni Truly Mended?

That was quite the blowup between the two PCB locals

Tension, awkward silences and expletives... oh, my! Clearly all is well in MTV Floribama Shore.

Tonight's Season 2 premiere was full of the usual Floribama drama and then some, most notably between Kortni and Nilsa. Turns out, the two Panama City Beach natives didn't see much of each other at all after last summer, though they did exchange a handful of text messages surrounding the ownership of a certain large bedroom.

The brief she said-she said synopsis: Nilsa claimed she asked Kortni if she and Aimee could have the larger girls' room, only to be faced with the threat of an ass-whooping by K. Kortni, on the other hand, said Nilsa's request was more of a rude demand.

Fast forward to the most awkward car ride in the history of ever on the way to the shore house:

Upon their arrival, Nilly broached the "elephant in the room," with Kortni still refusing to share, noting that she'd already (literally) marked her territory: "If she touches my room, all hell is going to break loose."

Nilsa's take? "It's not her room, it's all of our house. Technically, I have every right to that room as she does."

Fully aware of the brewing catfight, Codi and Gus then swapped the girls' bags, making Kortni think her (former?) friend took the master suite against her wishes.

Cue a little epic foreshadowing courtesy of Codi: "It's just a harmless prank. What's the worst that could happen?"

Well, Code-Eye, how about something like this?

After catching wind of the suitcase switcheroo, Kortni accosted Nilsa, and the curse words, crazy accusations and wall punches flew.

After the boys came clean, Kortni nursed her bruised knuckles and had a drunken heart-to-heart with her temporary nemesis.

"You have an amazing soul, you're beautiful, and God bless your mother for giving birth to you," she told Nilly, who agreed they're "a team."

But are they really that close all of a sudden, or are the two destined to be Floribama frenemies? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts, and catch an all-new MTV Floribama Shore next Monday at 10/9c!