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Zazie Beetz Hates That You've Been Saying Her Name All Wrong

The 'Atlanta' star gives an important lesson at the Movie & TV Awards

Real talk: The MTV Movie & TV Awards are practically an educational program. We've learned, for example, that Chadwick Boseman hates saying "Wakanda Forever," that Noah Schnapp has a huge crush on Zendaya, and that Michael B. Jordan can get a girl pregnant just by looking in her eyes. And while announcing the award for Best Hero, Zazie Beetz schooled the MTVA crowd on how to correctly pronounce her name. You'll want to listen up for this one.

The German-American actress — who plays the sardonic Domino in Deadpool 2 and the give-no-shits Van on Atlanta — snagged her teaching moment while presenting alongside Olivia Munn. After taking their stances on the infamous "Yanny or Laurel" debate, Beetz quipped that the audience finally "learned how to pronounce my name correctly."

"Oh, I know! It's Zah-see!" Munn exclaimed, prompting Beetz to high-five her and let out an enthusiastic, "Yes, girl! Thank you!"

So, there you have it: now you know exactly how to say the 27-year-old's beautifully unique name... which is good, because it's certainly one you're going to want to remember. Right, Zazie?!