Who Would You Choose As Your Sidekick If You Were Stranded On An Island?: MTV Floribama Shore Edition

Most surprising: Aimee and Nilsa didn't pick each other

Aimee, Candace, Codi, Gus, Jeremiah, Kirk, Kortni and Nilsa have quite the Panama City Beach abode, alligator phone included. But if they had to leave their pad and be stranded on a deserted island with one of their fellow roomies, who would they pick? For starters, Nilsa, Aimee, Candace and Kirk all have the same choice.

"I would say Aimee, but I feel like I would have to do a lot of the cooking," revealed Nilsa, explaining that she's pretty sure her pal wouldn't want to spend any time preparing food. "And we would just starve because I'm not a great cook either. So I have to go with Jeremiah." No Nilmee!

Nilsa's reason for picking Jeremiah: "[He] takes charge, and he would find us food and water, and I would tan all day."

Meanwhile, Candace figured that Jeremiah is "big enough to tackle an animal," and Kirk believes he and Jeremiah both have "survival instincts" -- "terrible dad jokes" aside.

As for man of the hour himself? Jeremiah is leaning toward Kirk because he would "make a stranded situation really fun." Codi is too, but Gus has two selections.

"Probably Codi, because we would make fun of the situation. We would find the humor in it," he revealed. His second choice was made for decidedly different reasons. "No offense, [but] I don't want to hook up with Codi," he said, "[so] I would pick Nilsa."

Last, but certainly not least, Kortni has a simple answer.

"I would not put myself in that situation," she firmly stated. Done and done!

Vote below for who you would choose out of the gang, and do not miss the premiere of MTV Floribama Shore on Monday, July 9 at 10/9c.