The Definitive Family Vacation Packing List (Jersey Shore-Style)

Grab your suitcase, bitch

That was one hell of a family vacation.

While we're sad to see those "old-ass guidos" (JWOWW's words) go, the good news is they'll be BACK! But until then, let us reflect on the endless number of lessons taught by the Jersey Shore gang. For instance, leave the keto diet at home, and a good, old-fashioned Meatball Day has the power to resolve any bad beef. Oh, and don't even think about being late to family dinner.

But perhaps most of all, we've learned exactly what to pack in our carry-on. Since it's summer, and family vacations abound (literally), we'd like to pass along these travel-worthy necessities so you, too, can be well prepared for any and all spiraltastic shenanigans. (You're welcome.)

  • A Lifesize Doll

    In case you need a break from the fam and want to talk to someone else -- who won't talk back.

  • Adult Diapers

    A fool-proof solution for when you accidentally pee. Or shart.

  • A Swimsuit

    Because the pool or beach (obvi) awaits, and you never know when you might get forced into a late-night swim. (Sorry, Deena.)

  • Your Driver's License

    Not only is it a TSA essential if your vaca requires flight time, racing a $2 million Lambo is always a possiblity.

  • Lots and Lots of Hair Product

    It's a must if you want to look fresh to death -- or rock your trademark pouf like Snooki for your last big night out.

  • Gym Clothes

    You never know when you might want to get your GTL on, even if it only amounts to living your best life eating a candy bar on the treadmill.

  • Your Dancing Shoes

    Just know you're going to be partying... a lot.

  • Popcorn and Doritos

    Where there's family, there's drama. Which can only mean one thing: Grab your popcorn and doritos!

Like JWOWW said, "Stay tuned, motherf*ckers, because we're not done." Keep an eye on MTV News for updates on the next round of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation!