Will A Star Finally Win The Challenge?

Three seasons into the spinoff series, and the non-Champs are finally ready to claim victory

In just a week, the newest victors of The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars will be named, and will join the likes of previous Champs-exclusive winners Darrell, Cara Maria, Johnny Bananas, Emily and CT. But now that three of the remaining four teams have at least one Star member, will the Hall of Fame soon (and finally) include a member from the other side?

On tonight’s episode, the game’s remaining celebrity players gave convincing evidence that it might.

In the penultimate mission, “Text Tile,” teams had to each roll a giant cube across a beach until they landed at a designated puzzle. There, they’d rip the cubes open, collect a series of puzzle pieces and complete a crossword puzzle. The first team to finish would earn a straight shot to the finals and choose one of the two teams that would have to compete in the final elimination round.

Casper and Louise, perhaps the strongest all-around athletes left in the game, tore off onto the battlefield, and held a sizable lead over their three opponents through a good chunk of the game. And while their strategy for arranging words in the sand so that other teams couldn’t cheat seemed like a good idea in theory, it slowed them down in practice, and at the last second, CT and Tony came from behind to beat them, earning their very first win as a duo in the process.

And for Team Dad Bod, the victory couldn’t have come at a better time — they’d competed well individually, but hadn’t previously placed higher than third as a pair.

“We played it just right,” Tony said. “We knew this was the last challenge right before the finale and we delivered, we came through.”

Sadly, it’d be a tough road ahead for Casper and Louise, who were voted into their second elimination round as a team by the new MVPs. And their opponents? Drake and Kailah, who were tossed to the wolves by the remaining teams.

“The odds are stacked against me and Casper — however, I chose him for one reason and one reason only: I know he’s a true competitor and a true athlete. He can dig deep and find it when it counts,” Louise said. “They keep trying to chop off our legs at every turn, but we’ve stuck to what we’re good at and we’re confident in what we’re good at.”

And she aimed to prove it in The Arena. Still, Kailah and Drake weren’t willing to go down without a fight. They were seen by the rest of the Champs vs. Stars roster as the game’s weakest remaining team, but Kailah translated doubt into incentive to win.

“It’s gonna be tough, but I think we can definitely beat them,” Kailah said. “It’s another opportunity to prove myself and stay in the game. I will push through anything.”

In “Icy Hot,” perhaps the strangest elimination game in franchise history, each player would have to hop up and down while tapping one of four designated buzzers. Once a team had collectively notched 1,000 taps, a block of ice would fall, from which teams would have to extract frozen articles of clothing. Once they warmed up the shirts and pants, stretched them out and put them on, they’d have to return to the buzzer area and add an additional 1,000 taps — the first team to finish would go straight to the finale.

And either an all-Star team (Casper and Louise) or a Champ/Star team (Kailah and Drake) will return, leaving Tony and CT as the only hope to keep the Champs vs. Stars legacy exclusive to the Champs. Can Team Dad Bod do it, or will the “Icy Hot” winner and Team Wes/Booby be enough to stave them off?

What do you think — will Teams Casper/Louise, Kailah/Drake or Wes/Booby manage to pull out the win and finally get a victory for the Stars? Or, will Tony and CT keep the winners’ circle exclusive to the Champs and shut The Stars out? Share your thoughts, and see how this all shakes out on the Champs vs. Stars finale Tuesday night!