Which Challenge Rookie Had A More Dominant Season: Tori Or Kam?

The women's fellow contestants -- Johnny Bananas included -- are weighing in on the subject

Being a Challenge rookie means you are an early (and easy) target, but Dirty 30 competitor Tori and Vendettas player Kam defied this stigma, with both women making it to the finals in their first seasons. YOU GO, GIRLS.

Now, the Are You the One? alums will be back for the Final Reckoning -- Tori is partnered up with her ex Derrick, while Kam is with Ex on the Beach export Melissa -- to try to claim the gold medal that they couldn't nab during their first go-around. But before they suit up and get to work, MTV News asked a bunch of their fellow contestants which of the women had the more dominant season. While Sylvia would have to go with "her dolphin" (aka Kam), Jemmye thinks it's Tori because she "left with money."

But what did the most decorated champion have to say? Hear Bananas' answer in the video above, and see how Tori and Kam fare in South Africa when The Challenge: Final Reckoning premieres on Tuesday, July 10 at 9/8c.