How The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Roomies Helped Mike Pop The Question

It's official: The Situation is engaged!

In what may be one of the sweetest, most romantic proposals in MTV history, The Situation proposed to his college sweetheart Lauren -- all with the help of his Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast mates.

"My dream was to have a proposal with all my best friends around me, and I have that," he said before popping the question. "I just need them to focus and help me get through this so I can do this proposal without a hitch. It's very nerve-racking to trust all these guidos with such an important moment in my life."

But tumultuous eight-year history aside, the crew rallied around their friend to ensure Mike and Lauren's special night was completely and utterly flawless.

"We never thought in a million years that we'd have the opportunity to help Mike propose to a girl," said Vinny. "We're a family, and we all rallied together for one of our family members to make sure they had an amazing night."

Here's how they pulled it off... in less than 24 hours, mind you.

  • The Diversion

    The first step of Operation Proposal: distract the bride-to-be with fruity bevs (Sex in the Bathroom, anyone?) and a fancy blowout while the boys run errands.

  • The Walk Down Memory Lane

    Vinny put together a pretty epic slide show which featured Mike with Lauren from their college days. And understandably it made the future bride emotional.

  • The Clothes

    White linen suits for the yacht dealers guys. Black Carmen Sandiego ensembles for the ladies. No, this isn't a catering company -- it's just Mike's roommates setting the stage for all things romance.

  • The Flowers

    Six dozen roses, penises peonies from Holland and infinite flower petals.

  • The Desserts

    No Funfetti here, folks! We all know how much "Big Daddy Sitch loves the sweetness," so he splurged on cake pops, candy-covered donuts and other sweet confections from the Sugar Factory. Confession: Not sure if these were actually for Lauren... or Mike.

  • The Décor

    Candles, torches, white runners, bistro lighting, a bazillion pink balloons -- need we say more?

  • The Fancy Dinner

    Diversion, part deux: A 15-course meal off-site, complete with white tablecloths, while the roommates stayed behind to get the house in top-notch proposal shape.

  • The Roles

    How many guidos does it take to pull off an epic proposal? Six. With Pauly D on DJ duty, Vinny playing garçon and ring man, the girls on decorations and Ronnie just "Ronnie-ing" around, everyone played a key part in Mike and Lauren's engagement.

We may be officially on Mike-and-Lauren wedding watch, but that doesn't mean this season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is over! Tune in to a the finale episode on Thursday at 8/7c.