Family Vacation Frenemies: Is Mike Truly Concerned About Ronnie Or Just Talking Trash?

JWOWW says it's the latter

The situation between Ronnie and Mike is rather sensitive, to say the least.

Rocky history aside, it's been tough to say where the hostility ends and where their so-called friendship begins on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. One minute, Mike and Ronnie are good-naturedly roasting one another, and the next, they're single-handedly trying to throw French fries on the fire and ruin perfectly good marriage proposals.

Tonight's episode saw Mike basking in the happiest time of his life as he popped the question to Lauren, while Ron found himself neck deep in his feelings due to his own seemingly unstable relationship and a baby on the way.

After the then-dad-to-be confided to Mike his feelings of fear and uncertainty, the Situation suggested he take it all "one day at a time" -- but later admitted his bro might need a bit more than a dude heart-to-heart to fix his downward spiral.

Reminiscing on his own experience of getting sober, Saint Mike (Vinny's words, not ours) expressed his concerns to the other roommates, saying that Ron is "f**king crazy" and that Ron "will continue to spiral until he fixes his problem."

Always one to tell it like it is, JWOWW immediately took Mike's so-called concern as "s**t."

"Mike is not coming from a genuine place of concern," she shared. "Because if he was, he wouldn't be telling us. He would've been going to Ron."

Do the roommates have a point, or is Mike legitimately worried about his Jersey Shore brother? Give us your honest thoughts, and catch an all-new episode of Family Vacation next Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c.