Meghan Trainor Rocks Pink Hair And Leotards In Glitzy 'Let You Be Right' Video

A kaleidoscopic club queen

Meghan Trainor has always had a fondness for glitz and glam, and her latest music video is no exception.

The 24-year-old lords over a retro roller rink in the vid for "Let You Be Right," which was shot at L.A.'s Moonlight Rollerway. Director Colin Tilley gave Trainor's disco-inspired single an eye-popping backdrop, complete with blinding laser lights, athletic dance numbers, and dizzying kaleidoscopic effects. Throughout it all, Trainor serves sass and style in a white leotard, Baby Spice-esque pigtails, bubblegum pink hair, and parachute pants. Just call her a chameleonic club queen.

Speaking about the new video with Glamour, Trainor explained, "I'm obsessed with lights — a lot of lights. I wanted cool effects. I wanted it to look like we spent a lot of money, you know? I wanted to dance and show my body, and I did it. I looked bomb."

"Let You Be Right" is the latest single off of Trainor's upcoming, as-yet-untitled third album, which also includes the buoyant bops "No Excuses" and "Can't Dance." A release date hasn't been announced yet, but it looks like her new era is certainly on a roll.