Will Luis Keep His Promises To Briana (And Baby Stella) On Teen Mom 2?

The MTV dad says he'll finally step up to the plate

Briana’s relationship with Stella’s father Luis has never been rock solid. After all, he cheated on her while she was pregnant, caused a scene at her baby shower and has basically been MIA since the baby’s birth because he’s been on the road for work.

But the Teen Mom 2 dad wants to play a bigger part in his little girl’s life and made a big promise on this week’s episode: He’d pay the $250 a week for Stella’s daycare (since Bri is now going back to her full-time job), and be more involved in their daughter’s day-to-day life.

Bri (and her mom and sister) were excited that Luis was finally taking responsibility but still had some concerns about his lack of communication regarding the baby. However, he assured them he’d make more of an effort moving forward and not use his long-distance trucking job as an excuse.

“I suck at communicating, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t always think of [Stella] and always have her on my mind,” Luis told the women. “When I’m in town, of course I want to spend time with her, and when I’m away, I’ll communicate with you more often.”

Now it just remains to be seen if Luis will keep his word or let Briana (and Stella) down once again. What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts, and tune into Teen Mom 2 this Monday at a special time 8/7c, right before the MTV Movie and TV Awards.