Jersey Shore Shade: Was JWOWW Being Too Hard On The Situation?

After deciding he was ungrateful, she called him a piece of, um, well, you know...

One thing's certain 'round the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation parts: You don't want to get on JWOWW's bad side.

Snooki's felt it, Ronnie's been there, and now Mike has found himself outside of Jenni's good graces (clearly 2010 has taught him nothing.) So what got him on the outs with JWOWW? A little ingratitude and possibly some overflow from their spat in Bimini.

Not to mention some poor planning -- come the day of his college sweetheart Lauren's grand arrival to Miami, Mike still had no clue how he was going to pop the question. Enter a little help from Jenni (and Jesus), who had already hooked Mike up with her jeweler and helped design the ring.

While discussing the plan over food (Mike's best life), Jenni let her frustration show toward the situation (pun intended).

"Bro, this is your day. We're helping you. Write it out," she snapped, practically throwing a pad of paper at her clueless friend.

Needless to say, Mike was pretty baffled over Jenni's sudden hostility.

"Why am I sensing some shade from Jenni? She's acting like if it wasn't for her, then nothing would be happening," he mused to the boys, adding that he wanted to "put a pie in her face."

Fast forward to Lauren's arrival, and Ron -- who already has a rocky history with Mike -- found himself jealous of The Situation's relationship and ratted out the whole pastry-facial plan to Jenni.

"I got him a f**king ring and literally planned his whole f**king engagement with you girls, and that's the respect I get," she responded, describing Mike's ungrateful behavior as "game-over disrespectful."

As was expected, JWOWW let him have it over dinner, completely blindsiding The Sitch.

"I'm spinning because I'm supposed to design your proposal and hang out with your girl when all I know is that her boyfriend is a piece of s**t ungrateful asshole," she shot. "I don't want to make tomorrow happen now because I feel insulted."

Mike, who is far quicker to apologize these days, said he was sorry he "disappointed" her, and the two hugged it out. But was Jenni being too hard on her pal? And does she have it in her to sabotage the big day? Sound off, and catch Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c.