Hayley Kiyoko And Kehlani's 'What I Need' Video Is The Queer Adventure Of Your Dreams

This *needs* to become a full movie

#20GayTeen continues in full force! Just in time for Pride Month, Hayley Kiyoko has released her latest visual feast, for the Kehlani-featuring "What I Need." Like "Curious," "Sleepover," and Kiyoko's other, queer-friendly videos, this one acts as a short film directed by the 27-year-old singer herself.

The action begins with Kehlani getting into a heated argument at home and finding her escape on the road with BFF Kiyoko. They flirt, frolic, and bask in their newfound freedom, but a couple plot twists (and one very sketchy truck driver) threaten to ruin their friendship, which becomes more intense as the story unfolds. I won't spoil the ending, but suffice to say, it's romantic, dramatic, and cinematic in all the right ways.

Kiyoko previously explained to MTV News that she wants to help push authentic queer narratives to the forefront by helming her own videos. She said, "That’s what I’m pouring into [my] music videos, is showing that there can be a fairytale, and you can have hope with being who you are, and you can find the one. You can be yourself, and these feelings that you have are valid."

Her creative vision is clearly striking a chord — on Twitter, Kehlani called the vid "my favorite video I've ever been a part of," while Lauren Jauregui and Ruby Rose praised the vid for its representation. See their reactions below.