This Catfish Victim Found Out She'd Been Sleeping With The Enemy -- Literally

Strange bedfellows, indeed

A 21-year-old finally met her catfish on tonight’s episode of the hit show -- and discovered her online beau was under her nose (and in her bed) the entire time.

Chelsea, a Virginia Beach resident, had met her online love Charles via POF over a year ago. They’d gotten plenty serious -- even talking marriage -- but alas, had never met or even skyped. And of course, there was good reason for that: As Nev and Max soon discovered, “Charles” had been sending fake pics to Chelsea all along.

The dynamic duo immediately had a couple of names on their suspect list: First, there was Chelsea’s ex, who Max suspected could be messing with her so she didn’t date anyone else. Then there was Chelsea’s best friend Domo (short for Dominique), with whom Chelsea lived (along with Domo’s mom). But after seeing Domo’s Instagram -- and her endless array of selfies -- Max eliminated her as a suspect.

“She’s just too self-involved,” he said, surmising that Domo wouldn’t even spend the time catfishing Chelsea. “She’s more into herself than she is into her friend.”

Wrong, buddy. When Nev and Max persuaded “Charles” to meet them in person with Chelsea in tow, they were greeted by -- bam! -- Domo. So why the hoax?

“I had a crush on you for almost two years now,” Domo told Chelsea. “I was scared, and I felt more comfortable being this guy, who I know you liked, who was your type.”

Chelsea’s response? “That’s some f*cked-up sh*t.”

But Domo was undeterred. “I want to see if you want to be more than friends,” she said. She then dropped a bombshell on Max, saying that not only did she and Chelsea share a room, but they slept in the same bed.

“Is that torture for you, sleeping in the same bed with her every night, night after night?” he asked.

Domo’s simple response: “Yes.”

For her part, Chelsea made some immediate decisions -- she’d move back home (and get outta that bed) right away, but the next day, during a sit-down with Domo, Nev and Max, she softened her stance.

“I do still want to be best friends,” she told Domo. “But you have to build [our] trust up again.”

So did they stay pals? Indeed. Two months later, when Nev and Max videochatted with Chelsea, Domo was by her side -- and they had an interesting update.

“We went on a couple of dates,” Domo said -- dates that, Chelsea immediately noted, were “a little awkward.” Domo agreed, saying, “I wasn’t feeling it like I thought I would.”

And Chelsea was still having trust issues. “We’re trying to see where our friendship is right now,” she said. “She still has to bring that trust back in.”

But will Domo be able to do so? Can she restore Chelsea’s confidence in her, or is their relationship irreparably damaged? And better yet, would you be able to forgive Domo for her Catfish ruse? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another episode on Wednesday at 9/8c.