Can Casper and Louise Survive the Latest Challenge Twist?

Now that the game has been reduced to teams of two, the allied Stars are screwed

Olympian Louise Hazel thought she’d struck gold on Champs vs. Stars when show host Mike “The Miz” Mizanin informed competitors that they’d proceed in teams of two — without hesitating, she picked powerhouse and fellow Star and Team Blue standout Casper Smart to be her ride-or-die. But Louise forgot one critical piece of information before she cast her vote.

Everyone wants them both gone.

On tonight’s Challenge episode, and immediately after Ashley’s elimination, Miz told the group that they’d finish out the game in pairs, and since Tony was first place on the leaderboard, he got to choose first. Without blinking, he swiped up CT. Booby proceeded to choose Wes, Drake picked Kailah, Brooke picked Shane, Lil Mama picked Tori and Selita and Jozea were left as the remaining two.

Still, it quickly occurred to both Casper and Louise that they’d likely have to proceed in the game as outcasts.

“We made a lot of enemies by playing this game very well,” Casper said. “And The Champs didn’t like that.”

“The fact that we’ve had the target on our backs from Day One means that we’re quite comfortable,” Louise added.

Still, it would only take a single additional mission for that comfort to wane, especially since Wes — who’d previously been at the whims of Louise and Casper — was suddenly set free.

“I went from someone who could be Louise’s friend in this game to someone who could take her down. So I’m gonna get Kailah [new partner Shane] and Shane [new partner Brooke] and CT and we’re then gonna pick off Casper and Louise,” Wes said.

In “Go Deep,” the new two-man teams had to take turns moving an underwater ring across an obstacle course before setting it free and racing it to a checkpoint. The team that managed the feat the fastest would win, and Shane and Brooke surprised everyone when they pulled out a victory.

Less surprising, though, Shane — whom the duo decided deserved MVP honors — tossed Casper and Louise to the wolves.

Still, Louise insisted that what goes up, must come down. As far as she could tell, the game’s remaining Champs were a little too sure of themselves.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned about ‘The Challenge,’ it’s that you can’t get too comfortable,” she said.

What do you think — do Casper and Louise have what it takes to weather the storm, and can they make it to the game’s end with the rest of the cast against them? Or, is it only a matter of time until they submit, and is their time running the game officially over? Share your thoughts, and see if they can hang tough when The Challenge returns on Tuesday!