'You Had It Coming': This Raging Catfish Was Out For Revenge

Best. Reveal. Ever.

Grab some popcorn and pull up a chair: On tonight’s episode of Catfish, a 26-year-old from California learned the true identity of the man she’d fallen in love with during one of the most wicked reveal scenes ever.

Angel, a truck driver from Oakland (who knew truckers could be so pretty?), had met the super-handsome Jordan on Tinder; after just five months, the two fell in love and planned to marry. The only problem(s): Angel had never even spoken to Jordan on the phone, let alone FaceTimed with him, and she was desperate to finally come face-to-face with her bae.

“I feel like Jordan is my soulmate,” she told Nev and his wife Laura (aka this week’s sub for an MIA Max). “Can you guys please help me meet him?”

The answer, of course, was yes. But there were complications along the way: After first suggesting she had no interest in Jordan, Angel’s friend Cece suddenly admitted that she, too, was talking with him and hoping he’d be her man. That was pretty much a moot point, though, because Nev and Laura had already discovered that the pictures “Jordan” had been sending Angel were fakes.

So who was Jordan? Hell if we knew -- but he did agree to finally reveal his identity by showing up at a local park, where Angel, Cece, Nev and Laura anxiously awaited. And that, friends, is where the sh-t hit the fan.

“You ain’t heard from him [today]?” Cece asked Angel when Jordan still hadn’t arrived.

After Angel replied in the negative, Cece did a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. “You want to know why you ain’t heard from him?” she asked, lowering her voice and stepping closer to Angel. “Because I’m Jordan, you stupid bitch.”


“You had it coming,” Cece continued. “[You’ve] been stealing dudes from me for years.”

She even had a list, saying Angel had poached three men by the names of Roy, Troy and Chris. “These were people that could have been potential for me,” Cece said, but somehow, she claimed, Angel would always “magically” wind up on the guys’ laps.

Angel, meanwhile, defended herself, saying the men came on to her first. That only led to some expletives and a near-fistfight; after the women were separated, Laura had some words of wisdom for Angel.

“However small it was, it looks like it really hurt [Cece] more than you realize,” she said. “You probably got all the attention -- it was probably years of playing second fiddle to you. Maybe she was jealous.”

Bingo, sister. At the very same moment, Cece was telling Nev, “She feels like she can get every dude because of her looks. And that’s how it always is every time we go out. Guy after guy is after her, and then I find a little bit of somebody and [she] takes it away.”

The two left in a huff but, after some mediation via Nev and Laura the next day, Angel offered an apology for her past transgressions, and Cece saw the error of her ways. So did the two stay friends? Kinda-sorta. Two months later, Angel reported that she and Cece were slowly trying to rebuild their relationship. But would you be able to forgive a friend for deceiving you the way Cece screwed betrayed Angel? Or do you think payback is a bitch, and Angel deserved Cece’s dose of revenge? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 9/8c.