Was Mike The One Being 'Extra' On Jersey Shore: Family Vacation?

Here's The Situation: JWOWW says he was just plain rude

After Angelina's shart-tastic whirlwind visit, the roommates needed a vacation from their Family Vacation — but as is the chi for this crew, drama followed them straight to Bimini during tonight's episode.

This particular trip to the Resorts World Bimini gave us a case of déjà vu (Jersey Shore Season 1, Atlantic City, to be exact), as Jenni and Mike found themselves at odds again -- though thankfully, there was none of this (because we're all much more mature nowadays):

The catalyst for their latest scuffle? Mike's delicate tummy... and a bunch of hangry guidos. While The Situation is practically a new person nowadays, he still has a semi-selfish streak, according to JWOWW.

Just an hour before their fancy Bahamas dinner, Mike — in true form of living his best life — opted to order room service for his 47th meal of the day: shrimp cocktail, chicken fingers and fries, a bacon cheeseburger deluxe and two Diet Cokes.

But when it was time to go, The Sitch was found leisurely snoozing off his fried feast.

The group waited impatiently while Mike shaved his hairless face and farted around in his skivvies -- until JWOWW had enough of his tardy party and decided to put him in his place (because that's what she does): "You have no consideration for your roommates, dude. None. It's been 45 f**king minutes, and you have no consideration."

Mike's response to Jenni's outburst? "Quit being extra right now."

Rather than backhand her friend (See? Ch-ch-ch-changes!), she cued the tough love and left without him. Upon catching up to the crew, Mike said he "took offense" to JWOWW's comments and maintained that he was simply "waiting his turn" (in bed) to use the restroom.

"I really wasn't wasting time," said The Sitch. "Ron was in the shower doing his thing, and as soon as Ron was done, I went in there, and I had a little bit of a stomachache."

The Bimini kerfuffle ended there, and good times (and lots more food) were had by all — but the question remains: Were Mike's actions inconsiderate, and was he the one being extra? Or did he have a valid excuse? Comment with your thoughts using the hashtag #TeamSitch or #TeamJWOWW, and tune in to the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation finale next Thursday at 8/7c!