Sigrid’s ‘High Five’ Video Is A Little High School Musical, A Little E.T.

It's like a coming-of-age flick with a hint of magic

Sigrid makes a high school her stomping grounds (and her dance floor) in the new video for "High Five," a fiery tell-off anthem that puts narcissists on blast.

The vid was directed by Ivana Bobic, who also worked with the Norwegian pop star on "Strangers" and "Raw." Their latest collab has a distinct coming-of-age vibe, with Sigrid dancing through school halls and house parties, interrupting sports practices, and casually sticking her tongue out at boys.

The result is a little High School Musical, a little E.T. (there's a great homage to the '80s flick's classic bike-riding scene), and a whole lot of attitude. Check it out below.

In an interview about the video with i-D, Bobic and Sigrid elaborated on their inspiration, with the director explaining, "Sigrid and I talked a lot about the power of friendship. We love all the high school movies, and Spielberg films like E.T. or Close Encounters that are in a magical world but also really they’re a metaphor for friendship."

"High Five" is the latest single from Sigrid's upcoming EP, Raw, which also includes the self-assured title track and the emotional "I Don't Want to Know."