He Said, She Said: Who's Telling The Truth On Ex On The Beach -- Taylor Or Joe?

Talk about awkward -- and two very different tales of their past

Well, this is not the face of someone who is happy to be surprised by a man she allegedly told she "loved" before coming to the beach:

During this week's drama-filled (we mean it) Ex on the Beach episode, Taylor was greeted by her current former beau Joe --and let's just say the third blindside time was most certainly not the charm for the Are You the One? alum.

"I'm completely over Joe -- we dated very briefly over the summer," Taylor said. "I broke up with him a while ago, but we still would kind of see each other here and there, and I think that maybe led him on a little bit. It's gonna be weird."

And this was his take: They were off and on for about a year and a half (the timing is iffy because of "multiple dating shows that have gotten in the way") but were exclusive up until she left for this series.

"I actually hooked up with her the night before she came here," Joe said. "I drove her to the airport the next morning -- told each other that we loved each other -- so I'm pretty confident with where Taylor and I stand." Oh, and he was excited to be her boyfriend.

But as soon as he sat next to her, they quasi bickered about the length of their romance.

"You should get the f**k over it," she spat.

The "man bun expert," who was completely shocked by Taylor's anger, said he was still in a "good mood." But that changed instantly when he learned that she was with someone else. To add even more salt to the wound, the two were sent to the Shack of Secrets -- and poor Joe had to watch Taylor and Cory making out/flirting.

While Joe expressed his hurt (oh and he called Cory "a pig"), Taylor stated she was sorry. But her sentiment worsened when she saw Cory question his feelings for Alicia -- and say he was "up in the air" with Taylor.

But back to Taylor and Joe. Both offer a different history on what went down between them -- from the length of their time together to where they left off before she arrived in Hawaii. Who do you believe -- Joe or Taylor? One thing is for certain: The necklace that Joe made with rocks from the Oregon trail coast is never going to be around Taylor's neck.

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