Breaking Down That Explosive Ex On The Beach Spat -- In GIFs

'Spat' -- see what we did there?

We just witnessed the spit seen 'round the world.

During tonight's brand-new (and unbelievable) Ex on the Beach episode, absolute mayhem ensued in hell paradise -- and the folks involved were Cory, Taylor, Alicia, Cameron and Shanley (and kinda Lexi). The conclusion of this all-out brawl: Taylor hurling a massive amount of saliva at Alicia, and Alicia reacting by declaring she would "break your f**king nose, bitch":

But how did it reach this undeniably insane climax? Here's a breakdown of the unforgettable evening below -- click to reveal the GIFs -- and to see how the dust settles (or if it can at all), don't miss next week's episode at 9/8c.

  1. As Taylor and Cory got into a bubble bath upstairs, Cameron was feeling peeved about it downstairs and vented his frustrations to Alicia.

    Specifically, he was "embarrassed" to be associated with her.

  2. When he said "everyone has f**ked Taylor," Shanley told him he was an "a**hole."

    She also added that he was slut-shaming his former flame and that is was a total double standard (she voiced these points in a separate interview)

  3. Meanwhile, Lexi went upstairs to tell Taylor that her ex was spewing about her downstairs.

    And that Shanley (of all people!) was advocating for her.

  4. But here comes Cory -- sticking up for his girl and calling out Cameron:
  5. When Alicia chimed in, backing up Cameron, Taylor piped up from upstairs:
  6. And that sent Alicia flying in Taylor's direction:
  7. Cory shoved Taylor into a bedroom, while Alicia went at her and said she had "no depth":
  8. Just poor Joe

    He claims he has never seen this side of his ex...

  9. Alicia had to add this dig at Cory:
  10. The grand finale