Years & Years Achieve Futuristic Glamour In Sparkly 'If You're Over Me' Video

It's 'Blade Runner' but... in Vegas

Nearly three years after their debut album Communion dropped in 2015, Years & Years roared back in March with the bold, declarative "Sanctify." It arrived with a dystopian, very Blade Runner-inspired music video that found singer Olly Alexander assuming the role of a young android on the hunt for humans.

Now, part two of that story — called Palo Santo, the name of the group's forthcoming second LP — is here. It's called "If You're Over Me," and its video once again finds Alexander wriggling, contorting, and bending himself for an audience. This clip, though, is more about the dynamics of what happens between those performances.

The set dressing and costuming here is phenomenal and helps to sell the video's narrative of confusion and frustration as it relates to intimacy and romance. And of course, the song itself tackles that feeling of not wanting someone to stick around if you can feel them slipping away.

The marriage of these two concepts is all seen through Alexander, who anchors the clip with numerous stunning dance routines and a penchant for captivating with his wounded expressions. Check out all the glitzy drama in the clip above.

Palo Santo is due for release on July 6. Until then, maybe we can start brainstorming about what will happen in part three of the Palo Santo saga.