Poor Meatball: Are The Family Vacation Roommates Picking On Deena?

We've never seen a meatball look so sad

Deena and her drunken sobfests are pretty legendary, and they're certainly continuing on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. But is it because her roomies are being a little too hard on her?

This week's episode saw the meatball attempting to keep the peace with regard to Angelina's unexpected arrival, but JWOWW wasn't having it. In fact, the Jersey Shore OG demanded that Deena chill out on more than one occasion.

"Relax, Deena! You haven't even been in this house f**king eight years to deal with this b*tch," Jenni said, referencing the fact that Deena wasn't officially cast on Jersey Shore until after Angelina's Season 2 departure.

Not to mention the fact that when Snooki and Deena were both b*tching at JWOWW, one meatball was let off the hook and the other wasn't (we'll give you one guess who). Cue "Relax, Deena!" number two, followed by a few baffled, boozy tears.

But Deena's drunk crying was just getting started, because shortly thereafter, Ronnie pushed his emotional (and fully dressed) roommate into the pool.

"I mean, I love the pool. But I didn't want to get pushed in it," Deena said, adding that she was starting to feel a little bullied. "My roommates pick on me because I'm the nice one. But now I'm like, 'You crossed a line.' Like, please don't push me in the pool."

While Angelina inevitably took one for Team Deena by suggesting Ronnie also dunk her, the damage had been done. Now we can't help but wonder: Is Deena legitimately being picked on? Or should she take the same advice she gave her roommates about Angelina?

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