Ex On The Beach Exposé: Will Paulie And Lexi Recover From The Shack Of Secrets?

'This place ruins lives'

Taylor appropriately stated that "nothing good comes from the Shack of Secrets" on Ex on the Beach. And unfortunately for Paulie and Lexi, the Are You the One? alum's words about the damning space could not ring any more true.

Just when the Big Brother cast member and his former girlfriend seemed to be making strides -- yep, he "claimed" her -- Lexi got the opportunity to go through his phone for seven minutes during tonight's episode. And Lexi was determined to find one thing.

"I want to see conversations between him and the girl he cheated on me with," she explained in a separate interview. "He did talk to her while he was with me, so I want to see what was said."

As she scrolled around, she admitted her "heart was in her stomach" -- and then, boom. Paulie was in fact sending flirty messages while claiming to Lexi that he missed her and loved her. And that includes this gem one: "You should be in bed with me, not finishing the ice cream in your freezer." But the worst part: Paulie and this mystery gal were coordinating a getaway together, before he and Lexi broke up.

Lexi's reaction? "You [were] planning a trip with another girl," she yelled, tearing up. "Congratulations -- you got your cake and you f**king got to eat it too."

As the loud back-and-forth continued -- and their relationship was seemingly bursting at the seams -- Shanley had the best take on what she was hearing in the distance: "This place ruins lives."

"I fucked up," Paulie confessed, while Lexi admitted she felt like "an idiot" for giving him another chance.

"There's two choices: You can either believe in what's been going on here, or you can stay hung up on the past," he said. And when Lexi questioned if he would behave this way again, he couldn't deny that he wouldn't -- and that scared the s**t out of her.

"I don't know where we stand right now," she concluded.

Even though Lexi demanded that everyone cut her, she actually received a crush from (duh) Paulie.

"Honestly, I appreciate a crush vote, but after everything I found out today, Paulie can shove that crush vote up his ass," she stated.

But back to where these two stand. Should Paulie and Lexi give it another go? Or should Paulie quit crushing on Lexi -- and take back his claim on her? Vote below, offer your opinions and tune in to Ex on the Beach every Thursday at 9/8c.