Ex On The Beach Poll: Will Cory Rekindle His Relationship With Alicia?

Taylor, for one, hopes the answer is a great big 'no'

Just when the Ex on the Beach gang thought they said "Bye, Felicia Alicia," the Are You the One? alum returned with a vengeance and on a mission to get back Cory (who has been with Taylor since night one). And yes, she successfully confused the s**t out of her former boyfriend, which had him contemplating his romantic connections with the two women.

But first, what was his reaction to Alicia's arrival? He didn't take it too well, and he was even more peeved to learn she was now an "OG" (aka part of the core singles crew).

"I'm done with this s**t now -- ain't nobody coming in here acting like they're OG," he declared as he jetted the (literal) wave-making scene and bolted for the house. "I'm done!"

But after his initial shock faded -- and Taylor the rest of the house had a chance to comprehend the stunning return -- Cory started to question his feelings for Alicia. And when he approached Tay about his current emotional state, she was positively crushed.

"I'm leaving," she wept, as he tried to discourage her from jetting. "Why would I stay here?" In addition, she claimed that he had lied to her about where he stood with Alicia.

Cory's efforts to get Taylor to put away her pink suitcase stay worked. Next up: Being "honest" with Alicia and telling her what just unfolded with Taylor.

"This is your chance and your opportunity if you really do feel some type of way, then get your s**t together," she told him. "If I have to tell this bitch every f**king day to back the f**k up, I will."

Cory put the kibosh on that tactic, even calling her the "Tasmanian devil," and they ended their chat with him stating that they have "a lot to figure out."

While Cory didn't sleep next to either lady following the drama-filled day, he was back with Taylor the next AM. And her big grin seemed to indicate she was hopeful that they would return to their merry ways. But there's no doubting Cory's confusion -- and which way his heart will lean.

One thing is for sure: The three aren't going anywhere for the time being (exes were back to being on the chopping block). But what will Cory "figure out"? Will he find that he belongs back with Alicia? Or he should continue down his current path with Taylor? Vote in the poll below, share your views in the comments and don't miss Ex on the Beach every Thursday at 9/8c.