Catfish Romeo: Was Joshua Really In Love With Breana?

The Internet playa says yes -- but Max, for one, thinks he was full of you-know-what

A handsome young catfish professed true love for his online girlfriend when they finally met on tonight’s episode, but were his feelings real or was he -- as Max so eloquently put it -- full of sh*t?

The Internet Romeo, a guy named Joshua who lived in California, had swept 26-year-old Breana off her feet a staggering 11 years ago when the two met on Myspace. As Breana told Nev and Max, Josh said he wanted to marry her and have kids -- heck, he even called her “wifey.” But alas, they’d never met in person -- something Bre decided was finally necessary.

“I love this man so much, I’m just hoping for the best, and I’m prepared for the worst,” the Minnesota resident said.

“What is ‘the worst’?” Max asked.

Bre’s reply: “That he’s with somebody and has a secret life.”

Too bad she was right on the mark. Max and Nev swiftly discovered that Breana wasn’t Josh’s only “wifey” -- he’d been talking to a woman named Kanene for three years and bestowed the title on her too; ditto for Ashley, who’d been with Josh in the flesh just two days before.

Breana, natch, was devastated by the news and agreed to confront Josh in person. But when the two came face to face in Vegas, Josh downplayed his dalliances and offered a reason for his behavior.

“I’ve lost everything in the last year,” he said, explaining that he was soon returning to LA to live in a homeless shelter. “It put me in a state of depression, and I started looking for people who made me feel good. I’d go out looking for friends, girls, anybody.”

But were his feelings for Bre real? According to Josh, yes.

“I can’t lie about how I feel about somebody,” he told her. “I love you; I want to be with you. I’ve always seen my plan with you in it.”

Bre’s reaction? Mixed emotions. “You say you love me, and I feel it,” she said. “But then you’re telling [the other women] that too.”

Max’s reaction? Negative emotions. “I don’t think he’s that into her,” he told Nev. “I think he’s full of sh*t.”

Either way, it didn’t really matter: After thinking it over for a day, Breana cut her online beau loose.

“I don’t think we should date,” she told Josh gently. “You have to figure out what you want in life and what you have to do to accomplish your goals.”

She then offered her friendship. “I’m just a phone call away -- I’m always here for you,” she said, before adding, “And stop being a little womanizer.”

But what do you think? Is Josh just a womanizer, and was his declaration of love for Bre a bunch of BS like Max said? Or did he really have feelings for her, and did he truly want Breana in his life? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish on Wednesday at 9/8c.