Is Ashley In Genuine Danger On Champs vs. Stars?

The ‘Invasion’ winner thought she was sitting pretty on Team Red, but she was suddenly feeling blue

Change is good? You’ll have a tough time convincing Champs vs. Stars standout Ashley.

On tonight’s Challenge episode, the cold war between the Champs and Stars continued — though both Red and Blue teams included mixes of players from both squads, intra-club politicking continued: The Champs wanted to eliminate all of The Stars and vice-versa.

And the result of “Face Off” seemed to prove as much. The latest mission served as a test of speed, as one by one, players would have to kick a huge ball painted with an emoji doodle across a football field, retrieve it and try to bring it back without being leveled by the opposing team. The task proved too difficult for everyone except Casper, who pulled out an eleventh-hour point to win the game for Team Blue.

Still, it was a girls’ elimination day, and after pleading her case, Louise managed to convince her team that it was she who deserved MVP honors. Wes tried as best he could to sway her to The Champs’ side, but she wouldn’t seem to budge.

And with her next move, Louise proved just how committed she was to the Stars’ side.

During the elimination-round nomination ceremony, Louise learned that she’d received the power to trade one of her own teammates for a representative from the Red Team. After a quick consultation with Casper, her new co-commander in chief, she decided to bounce Tori from her squad and, in exchange, pick up Ashley.

But Ashley, who was sure that the trade meant she’d be Team Blue’s brand new whipping boy, blew up. Since The Stars’ had the numbers on Team Blue, she felt sure Louise and Casper planned to vote her into The Arena every chance they had, and she stormed off of set and into the street.

“This is so f**ked up,” she said. “You want me to go in next? I had your back over all these f**king people. F**k you. I’m gonna make sure they lose every f**cking game. I’m a spiteful-ass bitch.”

But Louise denied her move was sinister.

“You know what? I think Ashley’s been playing well,” she said. “There are a number of reasons I want Ashley on my team. She’s a fighter, she comes out absolutely scrappy.”

So, will Ashley really be tossed to the wolves at the next pass? Or, does Louise want to keep her around to genuinely help Team Blue win?

What do you think — is Ashley in as much trouble as she thinks she is, and will Louise and Casper readily throw her to the wolves? Or, did Louise seek her out because she’s a genuinely good competitor, and is Ashley making a big deal over nothing? Share your thoughts and see how this shakes out when The Challenge returns next Tuesday!