Are Derrick's Ex On The Beach Days Numbered?

We know one person (ahem Angela) who'll be coming for him

For the first time, a former flame wasn't sent packing during tonight's Ex on the Beach -- and the vote was orchestrated by none other than the man who calls himself Mr. Chocolate. But could Derrick's stint in paradise be in jeopardy because of his game-controlling move?

Shortly after the Are You the One? alum learned about the twist that would shake up the house (an OG single would be eliminated), Derrick had no hesitation about where he was going to throw his "cut."

"Big T, going home," Angela's ex said of Tor'i.

Derrick's choice for the Cut or Crush Ceremony wasn't exactly revolutionary: Angela and Tor'i have been on and off in paradise since night 1, and the fitness model had a makeout session with the bad girl in the confessional (rekindled romantic emotions, perhaps?). Nevertheless, Derrick was spewing bulls**t to Big T.

"I don't give a f**k about you and Angela's relationship in terms of a jealousy point -- I really don't," the Challenge competitor told Tor'i. "I think y'all are a beautiful couple."

Ahhhhh, a pair this puppet master most definitely wanted to separate because he was "on top of the world." And when host Romeo read the COC chips, there was a lone cut for Tor'i from Derrick (all the other exes voted crush), leaving Angela absolutely devastated.

"I don't know how to be in this house without him," she sobbed. "He was the first face I saw. I'm going to miss him so much."

Tor'i was equally upset about leaving Angela and wondered what he was going to do without her. But he had some different thoughts about the guy who was responsible for his ouster.

"Derrick, you're a fraud, you're a fake, and I hope you get exposed next," he stated.

Meanwhile, Derrick was humming a very different tune.

"Revenge tastes like some chocolate in your mouth," D stated. "Big T, there's only room for one Snickers bar in this house." And all of the chocolate references make us think of this:

It remains to be seen if the singles or the exes will control the next Cut or Crush Ceremony, but Derrick no doubt commanded this merry-go-round. But will he in the future, now that he's crossed Angela? It must be stated: Hell hath no fury like a woman Angela scorned. So are Derrick's days in Hawaii numbered because Angela will get revenge? Or will he continue his momentum, and should Angela be concerned about her chances?

Cast your cut or crush vote below, and be sure to keep watching Ex on the Beach every Thursday at 9/8c.