The Dating Game: Are Young And Pregnant's Kayla and Brianna Rebounding Too Quickly?

Both just experienced breakups -- but have already starting seeing new men

Two young and pregnant moms are already moving on from their babies’ fathers. But are they jumping into relationships too soon?

First we have Kayla, who rekindled a friendship with an old pal named Luke. How it began: Izaiah's mom ran into him while enrolling in college courses. The two were “seeing where things go” (her way to describe things) and posted photos together on social media.

But her ex Stephan did not approve of his baby mama seeing another man, telling her facetiously he wished her the best on her “news” -- and messaging Luke directly that he “crossed a line” by taking Kayla out. Stephan does remember cheating on her multiple times, right?

Meanwhile, Brianna told her pals she and Danae were officially over, and she has started casually seeing her new co-worker Robert, though “we’re not like officially dating yet.”

But unlike Kayla, who had mom Jaime’s support in doing her own thing, Bri’s mom Jessica warned her daughter against dating so soon after three years on-and-off with Danae.

“Braeson doesn’t need different guys or girls in and out of his life,” she said of her grandson. “He needs stability.”

Do you agree with Jessica that Brianna should slow her roll? And what about Kayla? Should they be moving on from their toxic relationships or take a beat from getting romantically involved with new men? Vote below, and keep watching Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.