Did The Red Team Make The Right Choice By Saving Champs vs. Stars Standout Shane?

The longtime veteran hatched a plan to keep The Champs allegiance alive, but it’s not airtight

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, call me Champs vs. Stars standout Shane.

The Road Rules: Campus Crawl export, who’s been a linchpin of the series for more than 15 years, continued to work every angle of the game on tonight’s episode, proving his self-admitted status as a kinda-sorta snake. While essentially all remaining players had wised up to the fact that the Champs were looking to eliminate all the Stars — even though this season features mixed teams — the Red Team’s Champs convinced its Star members that they were finally on the same page, and that they would proceed as a united front.

Still, it was hardly the case. After “Release the Rainbow,” a mission centered on coordination that challenged teams to each untangle a series of five lengthy ribbons that would eventually assemble a star shape, the Red Team found themselves at the top of the pack. And as MVP, CT earned the right to send another Star — like Big Brother export Jozea — into elimination.

But Shane had a different idea. Rather than continue the trend of obvious dissent between Champs and Stars, he decided the Champs on the Red Team should play some mind games with The Stars to mitigate their anxieties. Then, once things calmed down, the Champs could strike even harder.

“If we’re gonna use the Power Save, you send me in, it looks like we’re playing their game and if I win I win,” Shane suggested. “Here’s the reality — it’s Champs versus Stars. We’ve gotta do our best to make it seem like we are ‘Red Team,’ and that’s why I’m volunteering myself. I know it’s sneaky and snaky and I just love it.”

And that’s precisely what happened. After “Throwing Shade,” which pit Shane against Tony in a game of larger-than-life cornhole, Tony emerged victorious, and Shane found himself on the losing end. As predicted, Team Red decided to spare Shane elimination, and use their single Power Save to keep him alive in the game.

It all seemed well and good, but Lil Mama remained dubious.

“The Champs saved one of their guys, and I do kinda feel skeptical about the Red Team,” she said. “This was a move, and it was good.”

But is it a move that’ll work in the Red Team’s favor?

What do you think — did the Red Team make the right choice by saving Shane, and will it successfully keep the team’s Stars at bay? Or, did they waste something they genuinely needed, and will the fakeout eventually bite them in the ass? Share your thoughts, and see how this shakes out next Tuesday!