Who Escalated The BTS Teen Mom 2 Reunion Fight: Briana Or Kailyn?

It all centered on one thing: Javi

The tension between Kailyn and Briana came to a head during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode. At the center of the disagreement: Briana's relationship with Kail's ex-husband Javi. But who escalated the disagreement more -- Kail or Briana?

Picking up right where we left off in the last installment: Kail was still unhappy that Briana was staying at a hotel with Javi while he vacationed in Orlando with Isaac and Lincoln. But the lodging arrangements (which Leah told Kail about) got lost in translation (Kail believed the possible couple was going to be in the same room, but Javi and Briana denied that was ever the case).

Then, the entire cast traveled to Los Angeles for the reunion (which has already aired), and after successfully avoiding each other at several tapings/specials, Briana and Kail were in hair and makeup at the same time. First, Briana asked what the issue is between the two of them. To back-track: This statement was prompted after Kailyn told executive producer Morgan that if she had attended a previous shoot (she didn't go because newborn Lux wouldn't stop crying at the hotel), she would have argued with Briana and Javi.

Back to the makeup room: Kail calmly explained to everyone that she was getting different messages from Javi and Briana about their current status. More specifically, Kail claimed that Javi said that he is "trying to be" with Bri.

But Briana insisted even she wasn't sure where she stood with Javi.

However, Kailyn saw things different -- more specifically, that "this s**t is out of control" and that the trip to Florida wouldn't even have been filmed had it not been for Briana and Javi hanging out. But Briana blamed Kail's interpretation of the events on a miscommunication and what Leah may have told Kail.

Then, a comparison of the hotel debacle and trying to clear the air: Kail believed Briana and Javi were sharing a hotel, while Briana said it was an apartment-like setup. From there, Briana explained that Javi needed to tell Kail that her children would be with Briana's family. Kail agreed with Briana's assessment -- and Briana even confirmed that she and Javi didn't share a bed.

But Bri stressed that no one else knew about the arrangements besides Leah. Meanwhile, Kail thought that Briana should "blame herself" for "opening her mouth."

"If you're still feeling salty about it, that's your personal problem," Briana said. "Not mine."

And that's when the conversation took a turn -- conveniently, at the moment Briana's sister Brittany and their mother Roxanne walked into the room. When Kail questioned why she would be perceived as salty, Briana said that it was because Javi was "moving on."

Kail insisted she wasn't upset about his decisions but that she would like to discuss the situation with Briana and Javi -- without cameras.

And that's when Roxanne offered her biased opinion.

"Yesterday, when you walked in, you was really loudmouthed," the MTV grandmother interjected.

Kail stated "First of all..." and Bri quickly, and repeatedly declared, "Don't get disrespectful with my mom."

While Kail said the entire ordeal was a "miscommunication," Roxanne insisted that Kail was being inappropriate the day prior (which was also featured in this episode).

"It had nothing to do with her," Kail said about a prior scene where Kailyn was unhappy about the setup for her, Lux and her friend Bone (who was caring for the infant). "My fit was because the baby was here, and there was no accommodations for him."

But Briana heard Kail's frustrations as something personal about her, Javi and Jenelle (Kail did mention not wanting to be in the same area as them, but it was also about Lux as well).

When Kail tried to defend herself, Briana snapped back.

Then, Brittany entered the fray by asking why her sister was ratchet and jumping to her defense.

The quarrel isn't going to let up -- as the sneak peek of next week's episode shows (i.e. Briana stating that she would "smack the s**t out of you" to someone and Kail refusing to talk to Morgan). But who do you think took the disagreement to a more intense level: Briana or Kailyn? Was it the salty reference, or the ratchet mention? Vote in the poll below, share your thoughts in the comments and not miss Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.