Ex On The Beach Poll: Who Was In The Wrong -- Angela Or Tor'i?

Making out with your former flame vs. doing body shots

Who predicted those exes would hook up?

During tonight's Ex on the Beach episode, Angela was still pissed about her beau Tor'i and his gal pal Faith taking body shots. After the bad girl (kinda) cooled off from the contentious Cut or Crush Ceremony, she told the fitness model that the two were "done."

"You had enough time to tell Cory, but you didn't have enough time to tell me," she spat. "You're a f**king fake!" But that wasn't all with the insults: Angela called Tor'i a "joke," said she should have stayed with her ex and exclaimed she would "get [Tor'i] back" by being with other people in the house.

When Angela states something, she means it: While Derrick (of all people!) was giving an interview, she crashed his spiel about (what else) the evening's prior events. And before we knew it, the two were making out in the confessional area:

Yes, even after this heated exchange:

The next day, Tor'i was ordered to the dungeon Shack of Secrets with Jasmine (they both have a connection to Angela and Derrick), and they were forced to assemble a puzzle with an image of the former couple smooching the prior right. When Tor'i confronted the two about it, Derrick said he "needed some time." But Angela had a different reaction.

"You did me f**king wrong!" she told him, through tears. "You did this!"

Soon enough, Angela apologized and expressed regret. And according to Cory, they were both in the wrong. But this begs the question: Who was worse? Tor'i "licking, touching, sucking" (the Vanderpump Rules' cast member's words) alcohol off of Faith? Or Angela finding herself back with DRoc -- and playing a bit of tonsil hockey?

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