Will Young And Pregnant's Jade Ever Be Able To Count On Her Mom?

So far, Christy has been less than reliable

Many of the mother/daughter relationships on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant are complicated, but perhaps none are quite as complex as Jade and Christy’s. Christy has struggled with addiction throughout most of her daughter’s life, and even now -- as Christy works toward sobriety -- they have communication and trust issues.

On this week’s installment, the new mom got upset when her mom flaked on babysitting Baby Kloie, making Jade late to work. Since she and Sean were no longer together, Jade was hoping she could rely on her mother to help out with the baby when needed.

“She’ll never be on time,” she told her cousin-turned-backup-babysitter Jasmine. “She just wants to do stuff when she wants to do stuff -- that’s why I don’t want to mess with her.”

And clearly, the flakiness wasn’t a one-time thing. Later, the grandmother showed up over an hour late to their mother/daughter dinner date. This prompted Jade to express to her mom why her unreliability and constant excuses upset her so much -- and how they only exacerbate her single-mom anxieties.

“I don’t even like to set myself up to get hurt,” Jade said. “If I ask you to come and do something and you don’t show up or you’re late, boom, I’m in a bad mood.”

She added, “I’m 21, and I have anxiety...I just want to crawl into a hole until I feel better. It hurts my feelings that I cannot count on you. It stresses me out.”

Christy said she’s trying to be a better and more active participant in Jade’s and Kloie’s lives, but do you believe her? Will she shape up, or will she continue to be undependable? Share your thoughts in the comments, and tune into Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.