Will Ashley And Shen Keep The Peace On Young And Pregnant?

The two finally hugged it out on tonight's episode

Ashley and her boyfriend’s mom Shen have been through a lot thus far on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant: They argued over Baby Holly’s middle name and got into a heated brawl that almost turned physical at the baby shower.

And while it seemed like these two women were at the point of no return, they had a long overdue reconciliation on tonight’s episode, much to Bar’s relief. But will it last?

To recap: Things got off to a rough start during Ashley and Bar's trip to Las Vegas to visit Shen, as the on-again-off-again enemies ignored each other when the new parents dropped their daughter off for babysitting.

“She didn’t even speak to me,” Ash told her man.

When Bar told his mama that his fiancée was upset by the cold welcome, Shen said there was no ill intent behind it; rather, she simply didn’t say hello to Ashley because she got excited to see her granddaughter.

And though in the aftermath of the encounter the new mom referred to her future mother-in-law as a “bitch I don’t like,” she later realized she overreacted and should apologize before returning home to California. Shen, too, extended an olive branch.

“Can we do something in the future so we can prevent last night… you walking out and not coming back in?” Shen asked after greeting her guest with a hug the next morning. “If you feel some type of way, just bring it to me.”

She continued, “Whatever issues we had… you’re going to marry my son. This is a whole different ballgame. You’re not just a baby mama anymore.”

When Bar expressed his happiness over the ladies’ new cordial arrangement, Shen said what we were all thinking: “Can you not jinx it, because maybe it won’t stay that way!”

But do you think Ashley and Shen can stay on good terms? Or will they go back to their old ways and continue to put Bar in the middle? Vote below, and keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.