'Send Me The F**k Home!': Will Angela Survive Ex on the Beach?

The 'Bad Girls Club' star says she's done

Angela's Ex on the Beach experience hasn't been great, but during tonight's episode, things officially went bad for our girl.

"Take me the f**k home -- I said I'm done!" she screamed at the Cut or Crush Ceremony. "Send me the f**k home!"

Well, we know the Bad Girls Club star has been completely a bit on edge (the arrival of ex Mr. Chocolate Derrick certainly didn't help), but what unleashed the emotional statements? In short, body shots between her "man" Tor'i and his (possible) new lady Faith at an outing arranged for some "privacy."

"When she hears about the details -- the skin, touching and licking and sucking -- she's gonna be mad as f**k," Faith said, shortly after the incident.

And yes, Angela was livid. Fast-forward to the insane elimination, when the house was divided over whether to vote out Alicia or Chelsko. Angela was on Team Alicia, and she was peeved that Chris was plotting to get out his former flame.

"Sit the f**k down, you f**king fraud," Angela yelled at him, as he tried to justify his game move. Taylor quickly chimed in and demanded that Chris be "f**king loyal."

Faith and Jasmine then dissed the gals' behavior, calling them "bullies." Taylor tried to dispute the claim, but Faith wouldn't let up -- and Taylor's man Cory then decided to reallllly stir the pot.

"Tell Angela how you really feel about Tor'i," he said.

"What did you today, Tor'i?" Faith posed, to which he reluctantly replied, "Body shots."

Now, with the aforementioned drinking situation revealed to Angela, all hell broke loose.

"Nobody f**king touch me!" she screamed, as Tor'i tried to calm her down and she slapped his arms away. Then, visibly panicked and emotional, she demanded to be taken off of the series.

But what do you think? Will Angela really leave Hawaii, or will she stick it out? Give us your take, and don't miss Ex on the Beach on Thursdays at 9/8c.