'Own Your Sh-t, Bro': Should Ronnie Take JWOWW's Family Vacation Advice?

She says he needs to come clean about French Fry now

JWOWW has basically been the queen of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation real talk (examples include the come-to-Jesus convo she had with Snooki and schooling Vinny on unspoken strip-club rules). Now, during this week's installment, Jenni doled out a few more of her trademark truth bombs -- and this time, Ronnie was on the receiving end.

What sparked JWOWW to spring into action? Following Ron's "joke" that he would rather pay child support than alimony (in reference to his then-pregnant girlfriend Jen), not to mention his after-hours rendezvous with a blonde European dubbed "French Fry," the mother of two decided to tell her friend what's up once and for all, tough-love style.

Let's rewind: During his girlfriend's visit to Miami, Ron found himself struggling to do the "right thing," as in, come clean to Jen STAT about whatever did (or didn't) happen behind closed doors with the walking fast-food side item.

Ron's plan? "I definitely want to tell Jen about the whole French Fry incident, but telling her here, it's just gonna start a fight. I'm gonna wait until I get home and she's not about to give birth."

But once Jen departed, Jenni gave Ronnie a piece of her mind.

"I can be a big ho, too, motherf**ker! But I choose not to be 'cause I found someone I love," she stated, referencing husband Roger and then imploring Ronnie to come clean to Jen ASAP. "Own your f**king s**t, bro. You can be Ron, the good guy with a really good girl, and you can put her on a pedestal in this house and outside this house."

One thing's for sure -- this French Fry faux pas reminded JWOWW of another Miami vacation taken by the cast back in 2010. Said Jenni, "The only difference is the girl's not living with us, and she's pregnant." And this time, there's no anonymous note (thank you, God).

That said, should Ron take JWOWW's advice and tell his girl the truth sooner rather than later? Or is it better to wait? Comment with your thoughts, and catch an all-new episode Jerzday Thursday at 8/7c!