Two Teen Moms Officially Dumped Their Boyfriends On Young And Pregnant


Some relationships can stand the test of parenthood -- others, like two in particular on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant? Well, not so much.

On this week’s exceptionally dramatic installment, two of the moms, Jade and Brianna, dumped their boyfriends after months of bickering. But how did the breakups go down, and what were the final straws for the ladies?

Jade, for one, was still angry at Sean for flaking on her family dinner (she later found out he faked being sick to get out of going). This certainly wasn't the couple's first explosive argument since Kloie’s birth -- remember when he quit his job without telling her first? -- and was a reality check for Jade that she felt trapped and their relationship wasn’t going to get better.

“I feel like we’re just doing this now because we have a kid,” she told a friend. “I’m not even interested in him anymore.”

Eventually, the twosome agreed they needed time apart, so Jade gave back her engagement ring and Sean moved in with a friend. Almost instantly, the new mom felt “happier and more optimistic" and agreed to give her ex a fair amount of time with their daughter.

Meanwhile, Brianna and Danae were still feeling the effects of their explosive fight in Chicago. The young mother and Baby Braeson moved back home to Wisconsin for some time apart from Danae.

Despite occasional texting -- in one exchange, Danae even asked his ex, “Are you hiding a guy there? Who’s in your bed?” -- Bri eventually broke things off with her now-long-distance beau, and they stopped communicating altogether. And no, they didn’t even keep in touch about the baby.

Ultimately, like Jade, Brianna confessed she was happy with how things transpired but wished she’d ended things with Danae sooner.

Are you surprised Jade and/or Brianna split from their beaus? Will these breakups stick, or will one or both moms get back with her ex? Share your thoughts below, and watch Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c to keep up with the women.