Can Taylor Move On Now That Her Ex On The Beach Is History?

Bye, Andre -- and hello, Cory

One word to sum up tonight's Ex On the Beach installment: "Bye!"

Are You the One? Season 5 alum Taylor was pretty f**king pissed to see her non-perfect match Andre emerge from the waves -- and was ready to wave (heh) him farewell as soon as he approached her.

Andre's take?

"There's bad blood on both sides," the 22-year-old admitted in a separate interview. "I never said sorry for cheating on her, which I can own up to. But Taylor ran to social media with all of her issues and problems with me. I don't want that to be a thing anymore. I want to close the door on our relationship."

And yeah, Taylor -- who has already formed a connection with perennial ladies' man Cory (oh, his "kiss me in my mouth" quote) wasn't having it. Any of it:

"Are you being extra right now?" he asked.

"You're the one that's here. Bye! Shut the f**k up," she angrily responded.

Her side of the story: Andre was unfaithful with "multiple different girls," so she "dragged him" on Twitter because she was heartbroken. So when it came time for the former flames to chat on their own, Taylor declared she was "done" -- and walked away crying.

However, Andre's unexpected arrival didn't cause any issues with her new hookup buddy beau. In fact, Cory and Taylor bonded even more -- and Cory opened up to her about his little girl Ryder.

Meanwhile, Romeo soon came to Taylor's rescue: He declared the abode was "getting crowded," so an elimination (the Cut or Crush Ceremony) would take place. The breakdown: The 10 singles who arrived on Day 1 would get to vote out an ex. Andre quickly realized he might be on the chopping block, so he finally offered Taylor an apology -- "a genuine one, from a real place." And while she accepted his gesture, that didn't change the fact that she wanted him out -- and in the end, he was sent home by a vote of 7-2 (sorry, Angela -- you'll have to be with Derrick for a bit longer).

Andre was okay with the group's decision (his goal of getting closure was fulfilled), and Taylor didn't even say "bye." But will she be able to move on from this ex-perience with Andre and truly be with Cory? It must be stated: The two-time Challenge finalist hasn't endured any surprises -- but that preview for next week certainly looks like someone is a comin' for him.

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