Should Young And Pregnant's Lexi Accept Being Friend-Zoned By Kyler?

She wants a romance; he says he doesn't

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant’s Kyler is taking “hard to get” to a whole new level: Thusfar this season,every time Lexi has asked about their relationship status, he has insisted that they’re just friends -- despite the fact that the two just had a baby together.

But on this week’s episode, he seriously played with her emotions, telling Lexi they’re “distant friends” -- which we assume was making note of his new long-distance job -- and that it's her turn to make a move.

“He says we’re friends and stuff, but then he keeps telling me that I have to ask him out because it’s my turn now,” the new mom, who clearly still loves her baby daddy, told a pal. “I’m afraid he’s going to tell me no just as like, a joke… I was thinking maybe get a onesie and put something on it. Your son’s asking me out for you, you have to say yes!”

One would think, right? But the cheerleader’s onesie plan ended up being an ultimate fail, as Kyler didn’t care to read Tobias' DIY outfit that said, "Daddy, I'm your little man but you should be mama's big man. Will you go out with my mom?"

The new dad changed his son’s outfit without batting an eye, at which point a distraught Lexi went downstairs and sobbed that her gesture went completely unnoticed. Kyler eventually did read the shirt, but unfortunately did not give Lexi the answer she wanted.

“I don’t really want to answer [the question] right now. I don’t know what I want yet,” he said, wrapping his arm around her. “I still like you -- I just don’t want to put any titles on anything because I don’t really know what I want.”

Should Lexi accept that Kyler just wants to be friends and stop letting him lead her on? Or is there hope for their romance, and does Kyler just need a little extra push? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching Young and Pregnant Mondays at 10/9c.