Teen Mom 2 Informant: Should Leah Have Told Kailyn About Briana's Plans With Javi?

She says she didn't want her friend to feel 'betrayed'

Briana and Leah met for the first time during tonight's Teen Mom 2 season premiere, and their brief time together generated a bit of drama. And it involved Kailyn and her ex Javi.

To explain: Leah and Briana, joined by Bri's sister Brittany, were in Los Angeles for the MTV Video Music Awards and got ready together. Right out of the gate, Leah mentioned that she saw Bri and Javi communicate on Twitter. From there, Briana disclosed that Javi was coming to visit Orlando with Isaac and Lincoln and opened up about their current status.

"He's going to stay with us at the same hotel and resort, and we're just going to hang out with the kids," Bri divulged. "But we're just friends. So I think, who really knows? I just don't really know how Kail will feel about it."

Leah predicted Kailyn wouldn't be happy, while Bri revealed that Kail was unaware that the families would be at the same lodging location. Bri contemplated telling Kailyn about the upcoming trip, but Leah was quick to state that this information should come from Javi.

Turns out, Leah didn't heed her own advice -- and as soon as she returned home from the City of Angels, she decided to let Kailyn know about the imminent vacation.

"If I don't tell her, I feel like she's going to be upset that I didn't say anything to her," she told her producer Brendan, saying she felt "super uncomfortable" after her chat with Briana. "At the end of the day, I have known Kail for a while, and we've done a lot of things together. I just don't want her to feel betrayed."

And, as expected, Kailyn wasn't happy because she didn't know about the hotel arrangements.

"It's weird for me because I've talked to Briana before -- we were all in Miami together last year when we got surgery," Kail told Leah. "It's weird."

With that, Kailyn thanked her friend, and the two ended their conversation. Leah then told Brendan she was relieved to get this information "off her chest," but was it her place to dish to Kail? Or should Briana and/or Javi disclosed the plans? And even more sticky: Kailyn took Leah's intel as Briana and Javi sharing a room, and not a suite with separate rooms (like they had intended all along).

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